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Aldermaston Pottery – Berkshire, England

Andrew Hazelden who has worked at Aldermaston Pottery for over twenty years. The Aldermaston Pottery was founded in Berkshire in 1955 by Alan Caiger-Smith and Geoffrey Eastop, and over the years the studio has been home to many fine potters. The potters at Aldermaston, who number about half-a-dozen, work both as a team, for production [...]


Burslem Pottery Spectis (England)

This pitcher and basin was made in a popular pottery town of Burslem, England, based on the mark on the bottom that says: “The Burslem Pottery Co” (England, Spectis). If anyone can fill me in on what “Spectis” means, I’d love to know. Based on these two references, this company made pottery from 1894-1933. 1) [...]