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Loading an Electric Kiln (for Glazing)

Electric Pottery Kiln Bisque Firing

This video shows you two techniques to make sure your pottery is 100% dry before putting it in the kiln. Since water turns to steam at 212 degrees, you want to make sure you pottery is not ruined by having any water inside of it.

Moroccan Cobalt Blue

The famous cobalt blue is the signature of Fès pottery.  This imperial city is known as the handicraft capital.

You can admire superb collections in the Dar Batha Museum.  This Hispano-Moorish palace dating from the end of the 14th century houses some admirable collections of traditional art from Fez.

After being baked for 24 hours and then slowly cooled, the pottery is covered with white tin-glaze. The craftsmen use a secret proportion and combination of several ingredients to obtain the lovely and unique blue.


How Does Glaze Firing Work

Learn about using glze in a kiln in this video:

Aldermaston Pottery – Berkshire, England

Andrew Hazelden who has worked at Aldermaston Pottery for over twenty years.

The Aldermaston Pottery was founded in Berkshire in 1955 by Alan Caiger-Smith and Geoffrey Eastop, and over the years the studio has been home to many fine potters.

The potters at Aldermaston, who number about half-a-dozen, work both as a team, for production work, and individually, for studio pieces.

The Pottery is noted mainly for its tin-glaze wares, but also produces porcelain.