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Video of Man Creating Pottery on Pottery Wheel

It’s amazing to watch pots and vases being formed out of a lump of clay:


Burslem Pottery Spectis (England)

This pitcher and basin was made in a popular pottery town of Burslem, England, based on the mark on the bottom that says: “The Burslem Pottery Co” (England, Spectis). If anyone can fill me in on what “Spectis” means, I’d love to know. Based on these two references, this company made pottery from 1894-1933. 1) [...]


How to Display Your Pottery Collection

I wanted to share these two photos of cool displays from Orin Zebest from Perhaps they will give you some ideas on how to build your own display case.  I’m sure a carpenter could easily handle the first one. The second photo shows glass (or plexiglass) mounted shelves.  This might be nicer for displaying [...]