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Green “Tea Cup” Pottery from Jeju Island, South Korea

According to the photographer, who goes just by “lamoix”,  this picture illustrates some lovely green and brown pottery at the otherwise disappointing International Tea Museum in Jeju. Jeju (also commonly known as Jeju-Do) on 1 July 2006, was made into the first and only special autonomous province of South Korea.  


Making your Own Pottery

Trey, who goes by “Pirana Snaps” took this photo of her first attempt at pottery.  I’m impressed with what she did for a first timer, and love the blend of blue colors she used. Trey most like started by taking the clay, pugging it and wedging it on a pottery wheel. The first critical step [...]


Half-Glazed Fisherman’s Pottery from Nova Scotia

According to Martin Cathrae, photographer, this is an example of the pottery a fishing family would have used. Note it’s only partially glazed, as I imagine fully glazing it would have cost more. The photo was taken in Nova Scotia, Canada, probably at the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site.